The great works of Versailles
From the restitution of the Royal Railing to the restoration of the Royal Opera, discover the great works of the Palace of Versailles and its secrets.
Discover Versailles
Discover the Palace de Versailles and its field, a masterpiece of French art in the seventeenth century .
Versailles during the Great War
Thanks to an original comparison between the photographic collections and original testimony held in the Museum's archives and at the French National Library, discover how the Palace of Versailles lived through World War I. In partnership with the French National Library (BnF), Gallica. More info:
Gallery of the History of the Palace
Those 3D films, created for the gallery of the History of the Palace, trace each major stage of its construction. New technologies show what the vanished parts of the Palace looked like and trace their transformation over time.
Music at Versailles
Discover all the richness of France's baroque and classical musical heritage. In the 17th and 18th century, Versailles became a key centre of creativity for musicians from all over Europe and its halls and salons echoed with music.
The Palace of Versailles
Versailles is the finest and the most complete achievement of French art in the 17th century. The former hunting lodge of Louis XIII was transformed and vastly enlarged by his son Louis XIV who installed his court and the government of France here. In 1661, he commissioned André Le Nôtre to design and lay out the gardens of Versailles, a titanic undertaking that took forty years to complete. From the apartments of the Sun King to the Grand Trianon of Napoleon, the Château and its gardens have been constantly transformed over the centuries.
Trianon Palace and Marie-Antoinette's Estate
Marie-Antoinette (English)
Visit the Petit Trianon, the Queen's Theatre and the Queen's Hamlet, and enter into the intimacy of Marie-Antoinette, who has remained one of the most fascinating figures in the history of Versailles. In charge of the entertainment provided at the court, she liked to get away from it in the graceful and peaceful setting of her own estate.
The Petit Trianon restauration
Visit the Petit Trianon of Marie-Antoinette where the queen used to retire to relax after the pomp and ceremony of the court in Versailles. Restored in 2008, the château's intimate and refined splendour, designed by the architect Gabriel, is now open to the public.
The restoration of the Latona Fountain
Discover the myth of Latona, and the arts and crafts of Versailles during the Year of Le Nôtre.
100 masterpieces of Versailles
Discover Versailles otherwise at the Museum of Fine Arts of Arras. One hundred masterpieces of the Palace are exceptionally gathered and returned within six emblematic spaces of Versailles at Arras From September 27 , 2014 to March 20, 2016
Charles de La Fosse - The triumph of color
From February 24 to May 24 2015, on the occasion of the year of Louis XIV, the Palace of Versailles is hosting the exhibition « Charles de La Fosse (1636-1716), triumph of color » inside Madame de Maintenon's Apartment and throughout the State Apartments.
18th Century, Birth of Design
From 28th october 2014 to 22th february 2015, the Palace of Versailles hosted the exhibition " 18th Century , Birth of Design, Furniture Masterpieces from 1650 to 1790".
China at Versailles
The "China at Versailles, Art and Diplomacy in the 18th Century" exhibition follows the history of political and artistic exchanges between China and France during the 18th century. The paintings, furniture, lacquerware, porcelains and tapestries exhibited bear testimony to the extreme luxury of their time and are very rare today. From 27 May to 26 October, 2014.
Models of the Imperial Navy
From 17 June to 14 September 2014, the Palace of Versailles welcomes the "Models of the Imperial Navy. The Navy Museum Collection" exhibition at the Cotelle Gallery at the Grand Trianon.
Royal Coronations, from Louis XIII to Charles X
This exhibition evokes coronation ceremonies from Louis XIII to Charles X, bringing together the Palace of Tau's collections and works from the Palace of Versailles's collections evoking the coronation of the Bourbon Kings: portraits of the sovereigns, representations of the events and the coronation ritual. With the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, from 28 May to 2 November 2014 at the Palais du Tau in Reims.
André Le Nôtre in Perspectives
From 22 October 2013 to 23 February 2014, thanks to the exhibition "André Le Nôtre in Perspective, 1613 - 2013", discover all the secrets of the well-know gardener. This exhibition is organised upon the celebration of the 400th anniversary of André Le Nôtre's birth.
Penone Versailles
From 11 June to 31 October, the Palace of Versailles hosts Giuseppe Penone for a major exhibition of contemporary art. The Italian artist wanted his work to dialogue with André Le Nôtre's one, designer of Louis XIV's gardens at Versailles.
The King's Flowers
From 2 July to 29 September 2013, discover the exhibition The King's Flowers. Paintings, watercolours on vellum & parterres at the Grand Trianon.
Versailles and Antiquity
Discover how Louis XIV has turned the Palace of Versailles into a new Rome with the exhibition Versailles and Antiquity, from 13 November 2012 to 17 March 2013.
Coaches for courts! exhibition
The Palace of Versailles in Arras : from 17th March 2012 to 10 November 2012, discover the exhibition Roulez Carrosses! at the Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Arras.
Thrones in Majesty exhibition
Exhibition from 1 March to 19 June 2011. Approximately 40 emblematic thrones from different periods and civilisations are on display in the Grand Apartments of the palace of Versailles. They will help visitors better understand the universality of the seated representation of religious or political authority.
Murakami Versailles
From September 14th till December 12th, 2010, Takashi Murakami presents his work to the Palace of Versailles. Listen to Jean-Jacques Aillagon, president of Versailles, answer visitor's questions on the role of the contemporary art in the Palace...
Sciences and Curiosities at the Court of Versailles
Exhibition from 26 October 2010 to 27 February 2011 at the Palace of Versailles. Follow the exhibition's curators in search of the most important, mysterious and unexpected works presented in Versailles in the exhibition "Sciences and Curiosities at the Court of Versailles". With Catherine Arminjon, curator of the exhibition Hélène Delalex,curator assistant of the exhibition
Louis XIV, man and king
For the first time, a major exhibition is devoted to Louis XIV and brings together more than 300 exceptional works coming from collections all over the world and never shown together before. Paintings, sculptures, objets d'art and furniture are exhibited. Louis XIV, man and king, from 20 October 2009 to 7 february 2010.
Veilhan Versailles (english)
Discover the contemporary art exhibition Veilhan Versailles in the Palace of Versailles from 13 september to 13 december 2009.
Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts of Versailles
Fountain engineers, gilders, restorers, gardeners... the arts and crafts professionals of Versailles share their secrets.